OTTB Fresh Start Program


Every year thousands of Thoroughbred racehorses retire from the track. Some find their way to successful new homes but many are stuck with little or no new options. OTTB restarting has been a passion of Kate's for many years. In 2014, MVEC started a program called Fresh Start in order to provide an avenue for some of these horses (EA, Laila, Enormiso & Brown Feather) to begin new careers. OTTB's are easy to come by but can be difficult to train if left in the wrong hands. The Fresh Start program is dedicated to helping potential and new OTTB owners to get on the right track with their new projects. The program focuses on consistent, patience training for the horse along with proper education of OTTB owners. MVEC's training program is dedicated to continued education, so we offer training for all levels of OTTBs.

  We have many success stories, please contact Kate today if you are interested in finding yourself an OTTB, whether its straight from the track or if you need help continuing your horse's training. 

Current Projects

"I Believe I Can"- Jack


-Congratulations to Molly and the Fabrizio Family on their purchase of Jack! Molly and Jack have been well matched from the very beginning.  This "Perfect Baby Angel Horse" was so lucky to find his way into Molly's heart! Be sure to keep an eye out for this pair as they head out of the start box this season!

"Majestic Act"- Maggie


Maggie was adopted by Jen and has truly flourished under her steady guidance! A level headed girl, it will be exciting to see her begin her eventing career this spring! 

"Monoxide"- Otto

17hh Bay 2014 Gelding


"Monoxide", who now goes by the name Otto, is a tall, lanky OTTB with only a few starts. Although I was not in the market for another OTTB of my own, Otto managed to sneak his way into MVEC regardless. Standing at 17hh and growing, he will take awhile to fully mature. He is a quirky personality, full of life and has already proven proficient at destroying winter blankets. 

Training Program


As a coming 4 year old, Otto will be on a slow, low-stress training regimen in order to allow his mind and body to mature. His post- track days since he arrived in July, have mainly included plenty of turnout and allowing him to adapt to his new life style. Otto has only just begun his training under-saddle.